They say to dare is to do it! Every so often, an enigma rises to challenge the music industry’s status quo. UNA is a multi-faceted music artist, model, and socialite who has found her sweet spot between Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B.
Una is an emerging artist who is bringing a new formula to the game. Her unique sound is a mix between Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, and City Girls. Please don’t assume her as a trap girl, she’s a Beverly Hills style City Girl,the kind that loves to make love songs. She is in the creative business of exploring the themes of human interaction, relationships, and feminine sexuality. UNAs range is from bold & fierce to soft & sensual her voice carries substance as well as passionate undertones.
Born and raised in Pancevo, Serbia, and at 16 years old she relocated to Southern California. The Serbian -American Princess is a trendsetter who cuts across eras with her scintillating vocals and her energy that can uplift any vibe or mood. Her ability to switch up her style and melodic intervals lead to never-ending thrills as well as honest and authentic expressions of herself. She draws inspiration from Serbian artists such as Jelena Karleusa, Ceca Raznatovis, and Luna as well as American icons such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Doja Cat. Although she cites Marilyn Monroe as a pivotal influence, UNA is a unique artist in her own right and she creates a one-of-a-kind experience that is unprecedented in the industry.
She has overcome adversity to carve out her sound. Her experiences have been the fuel to her career as she hopes that by telling her story she can inspire and help others find their path through her music.
UNA stands for the number one and the enigma truly lives up to this name by being a unique entertainer. She brings together the best of two worlds wowing both American and Serbian audiences by incorporating some of her Serbian cultures. She strives to be a beacon for young Serbian girls everywhere to show them that they can also make it if they work hard.
Her undeniable skill to deliver unique music in an accessible style has endeared her to audiences across multiple demographics and cultures.
UNA currently has 2 releases produced by Mally Mall titled “Fan” and “Queen” that are captivating and enthralling listeners across the globe. Una produced her own music video for Fan which was inspired by personal experiences. UNA also has an upcoming song with Jeremih titled “Alert” that is sure to capture the hearts of listeners across the globe. Her ability to constantly surprise people by going in different directions allows UNA to take listeners on a journey where they can be immersed in the music and live in the moment.
Her music showcases her sultry and smooth vocals, and her different sides showcase her versatility. Her music is layered with mesmerizing melodies and witty takes on relatable issues that exhibit UNAs immovable passion for creating banging music that is intentional, real, and beautiful. Una is here to stamp her mark and ignite a new fire one song at a time! She’s gorgeous, she’s raw and she’s a GAME CHANGER!

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